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organizers of luxury bespoke holidays, honeymoon getaways, adventure activities, mountaineering expeditions , spiritual tours in Nepal , Bhutan, India, Tibet.

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Why Us?

Welcome to Cozy Guide Nepal(P).Ltd organize of  luxury holidays,family’s tour,  honeymoon getaways, adventure activities, mountaineering expeditions , spiritual tours in Nepal , Bhutan, India, china, Tibet.

  1. Locally based in Lhasa, Tibet – Hong Shan International a unit of Himalayas
  2.  Locally based in Kathmandu, Nepal
  3.  16 + year of experience in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet Himalayas
  4.  Professional proactive team

More reasons

Get what you booked
Neither overbooked hotel, nor missing rental car, nor lost reservation should stand in the way of you and a smooth trip. That’s why Exotic Vacations guarantees that everything about your booking will be right, or we’ll work with our partners to make it right, right away.
The best overall value in travel
Travel enriches your life when it’s done right, and that takes a lot more than just securing a low price. We understand that on top of great pricing, travelers need useful, insider information, the security of reliable customer support, and control over the details that make a trip smooth, efficient, and truly great.
Accurate and objective information upfront
That’s why we offer objective travel ratings—not inflated ratings to sell you—and independent reviews where travelers share their experiences, both good and bad. It’s also why we give you the full price of your accommodation, flights and rental car, including the taxes and fees that typically surprise a customer.
Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily
That’s why we redesigned our programs for complete ease , you can find that great deal to one of our Exotic Destinations. 
A straight forward presentation of your options
We want you to choose the options that best suit you. If a hotel has rooms available, we won’t lead you to believe that the hotel is sold out. We also won’t subject you to impossible terms and conditions that make an offer hollow.
Speak with someone and get help 24/7
Call one of our knowledgeable representatives: