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Welcome to Nepal – a perfect destination for multiple holiday opportunities. Nepal covers a narrow ruggedly rectangular strip at the foothills of the Himalayas in the South Asia. However, the landlocked country which covers a tiny 0.01% of the world area and 0.1% of the Asian continent, boasts a kaleidoscope ..

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It’s been claimed that when a great lake filled Kathmandu valley, it was exhausted by the patriarch Manjushree as he wanted to get a closer look of Swayambhu (adhi-buddha), the beautiful lotus flower blossoming on the lake. Similarly in another saying, there is a saint named ‘NE’ , thus named ..

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Nepal is a multi-geographic country. It is located in the southern Asia, between the two large countries, China and India. Hence called 'Nepal is a yam caught between two rocks'. The total area of Nepal is 1, 47,, where 92.94% is covered by land and the rest 7.06% is covered ..

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Quick facts Hindu 80.6% Buddhist 10.7% Muslim 4.2% Kirat 4% Christian 0.4% Jains, Sikhs, Bahais 0.1% Not related to religion 0.6% Nepal is a multi religious country. Different religious aspects exist here and a strong tolerance between all of them. For instance, Hindu people are often seen praying at the Buddhist shrines as well as Buddhists at the Hindu temples. At one time, Nepal was ..

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Nepal is a multi-ethnic society with more than 40 types of different races, tribes, & ethnicity constituting a population of more than 26 millions. A promising Nepali social researcher Dipesh Upadhyay calls Nepal a land of refugees. Dr. Stephen Bezruchka in his seminal travel book Trekking in Nepal also agrees that ..

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Nepal is not only a land of mountains; it is also a land of festivals. There are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal every year. While the national festivals have fixed dates, religious festivals are set by astrologers following the lunar calendar. The best part about the festivals in ..

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Visa Information

A visa is required to enter Nepal which can be issued at the Nepalese embassy or Consulate or at the airport upon arrival. Children under 10 years need not pay any visa fees. Two passport sized photos are mandatory for visas on arrival. Foreigners who intend to visit Nepal must hold ..

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Permit & National park fees

i) Dolpa district:Per week per person US$ 10 Or equivalent convertible foreign currency. For the first 10 days per person US $500 and After 10 days per day per person Us$50 a) Areas of lower Dolpa b) Areas of Upper Dolpa ii) Taplejung District 2.Kanchanjanga Region Per week per person US$ 10 Or equivalent convertible foreign ..

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